Sunday, October 18, 2009

counter strike-condition zero-mobile version for all java compatible mobiles.jar

 counter strike-condition zero is available for all java compatible mobile phones with ultimate 3D-Graphics...
So you like Counter-Strike, huh? Be it Counter-Strike: Source, Condition Zero or 1.6, if the answer is yes this concerns you! Given the fact that CS 1.6 is the largest online action game in the world some people thought that they could capitalize on its success and decided to introduce in-game advertisements.

This is not a simple rumor; it is a certain fact as Valve's Doug Lombardi makes things clear in a csnation interview. The interview starts off with Doug Lombardi explaining that as Counter-Strike 1.6 is the largest online action game, it is the main attraction for potential advertisers.

Lombardi continues by saying that an exact date for the introduction of CS ads was not yet set, but you might see them early next year. Furthermore, the ads will not be optional, although it would have been nice to pay an extra fee only to not get bothered by annoying commercials.

When asked why the in-game advertisements are a good idea from the point of view of a CS fan, Lombardi replied saying that ads are a new and evolving part of the entire gaming industry and that Valve felt that now is the right time to try advertising in one of their games, given the fact other players in the software industry have already done it. A lot of b******t if you ask me, they just want more money!

Continuing the interview, Lombardi explained that advertisements would be a great way to let mod authors make money and reveals that IGA will be the company selling the advertising space. Nevertheless, Lombardi promises that the ads will blend in well with the game experience. According to him, CS levels won't be turned into Times Square or a Nextel Cup racecar.

Even if the ads do blend in, they still are something that doesn't belong there. Some more s**t for me and my clan to spray out tag on... .

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