Thursday, February 24, 2011

Theft Aware 2.00 full app for Nokia s60v3 s60v5 Samsung


SMS Remote Control:
    * · Full SMS configuration: All Theft Aware settings can be changed by SMS command now.
    * · 3rd party SMS tools (only relevant for Android): Theft Aware will now monitor 3rd party SMS tools automatically. This means that those tools no longer will display remote control SMS.
    * · Launch programs via SMS: you can now launch programs on the target phone via SMS command.
Phone Lock:
    * · Phone settings access control (only relevant to Android): it is now possible to prohibit access to the phone settings or the program manager by using Theft Aware. This will prevent uninstallation of Theft Aware by using the program manager.
SIM Cards:
    * · Trust more than one SIM card: Theft Aware is now able to trust an unlimited number of SIM cards.
Stealth Mode:
    * · Hidden callback: Theft Aware now hides outgoing calls in the best possible way.

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